Here is my final entry from the writing competition. Nothing too fancy but I figured if you guys read the first two, you’ll read the third one. The prompt for this piece: “That’s the best excuse I ever heard”


Ancient Filipino Legend speaks of a great and mysterious being. An ominous monstrosity so vastly ginormous and incredibly malignant, it’s very name strikes fear into the souls of the Filipino Elders.

MïiDock. (Muh-eye-dock)

MïiDock is said to rest in the sea. At depths and distances too vast for human exploration. MïiDock is infinite. Spanning the eons of prehistory, resting now only to give us a false sense of safety, security and superiority. For humans are not the dominant figure on this planet. MïiDock lies, clouded by inky waters, waiting for the right time to rise again. If provoked, MïiDock  will unleash a vengeance unmatched and unimagined by any human, or living being at all.                                                                                 The only reference we have for the fearsome and biblical capabilities of this beast lay within a fable, spread by word of mouth. It speaks of a great sailor, born to the ocean and captaining a vessel at a young age. This legendary captain had no name, but a love for the sea is where is he placed his faith. Our captain had heard many a time the mythos of MïiDock, and longed to find the beast, if only to stare in awestruck wonder. The captain’s raw curiosity fueled the lantern by which he studied MïiDock. Endless sunsets spent gathering information, until the sunrise on the day our captian discovered what he longed. The final resting place of MïiDock. Following a map of the stars, he sailed to this fabled location far from any civilization. Coming upon that mythical place in the sea, he anchored his vessel. In an effort to awaken MïiDock , he began throwing things overboard so they might sink to the ocean floor and touch the creature. But to no avail. The captain stayed out there 3 weeks past his rations After eating his mattress, he was discouraged. He sailed away. Feeling betrayed by the ocean, he ran his boat ashore. Stepping onto land for the first time since his birth. He dismantled his ship and formed a home from the boards. After failing in his lifelong goal to find MïiDock , the former captain fell into a deep depression. Years went by. The captain resurfaced from his disappointment and started a new life. He founded a company creating tiny trinkets and knick-knacks to sell. He adored his work as he sold and crafted them from the comfort of his home. The captain was finally at peace. But it was not meant to be…

Deep in the ocean in a place far from civilization…MïiDock awoke. Rising from his eons long slumber, the beast was infuriated to find it was covered in human creation that had been cast overboard from a ship. MïiDock  does forgive easily and MïiDock  never forgets.The mighty beast emerged from the depths. Thrashing about, sending monumental tidal waves in every direction. MïiDock  could smell the sickening scent of the captain who had buried the beast. MïiDock  followed the scent on a trail that ended in vengeance. MïiDock came ashore and discovered a small wooden hut that reeked a familiar scent. MïiDock let out a bone melting bellow, opened it’s mouth-like aperture and swallowed the home of the captain. And as quickly as it had come, MïiDock vanished. Back into the sea.

Luckily, our captain was out to market when the incident occurred. Hearing the screech, he came running back to his house to find only a crater, with a single, shining scale off of MïiDock. He clutched the scale and fell to the ground as he wept. His store, his job, his home. All gone with the wind in the belly of an ancient sea monster. Unemployed and homeless, what would he ever do?

Well I’m here to tell you that I am the captain in this story, and no, I didn’t do last night’s assignment. Why? Because….

                                            MïiDock ate my home/work. 





(get it? my dog ate my homework? classic)