Breaking news as a nearby Teenager has been caught red handed and crumb-faced. Elbow deep in a box of oreos, the teen attempted to prove her innocence. Claiming today was her cheat day. But reputable sources say that her cheat day was yesterday and also the day before. Relatives of the accused say they were always suspicious. “After several cookies had gone missing, I asked around. No one knew where the cookies went. But I had a hunch that girl was up to something.” Claims the mother, and owner of the oreos in question. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody where she was questioned further. No confession was made, however fragments of oreo cream were found under her fingernails. “She always liked to peel off the cream and eat it.” Said the father, through tears. “I just never would have guessed our little girl could do something like this.” The female suspect explained that she was holding off on sweets in an attempt to ‘have her summer body ready ASAP, lol’. She claimed to be doing very well one month in and that she’s innocent. Pleading that she doesn’t know anything about those oreos.

But we at African Bean Bags know the truth. We know what really happened that fateful day. Our suspect caved in. Releasing herself to the temptation of milk’s favorite cookie. We know the truth and we won’t rest until this cruel teenager is behind bars eating nothing but gluten free bread until Summer!!!