Over the weekend, yours truly was involved in a writing competition. (what a nerd.)       And since I’m struggling to come up with something interesting, I thought I’d share with you one of the 3 short stories I was forced to write.

The prompt for this one: The Flaw…

You’ve Got To Get Me Over That Mountain!” The screeching of a crashing helicopter thundered overhead. Artillery guns fired in the distance. Characters sprinting across the screen. Jumping, shooting diving in every direction. Suddenly a booming, yet silky voice came over the action. “When your only chance,” intense music filled the gaps in his speech, “is a monstrous mountain…” A character screamed and then it all faded to black as 2 bold red words came into view: Mountain High. In theaters now. I turned off the tv. What a stupid commercial. Before I could rant to myself about it, my phone rang. “Yello” “Yeah, hey George, this is Susan. I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie tonight?” Susan. Wow, I love Susan. I’d never turn that down in a million years. “I don’t know, let me see…uh..yeah I’m free tonight.” I claim while pretending to check my completely blank calendar. “Great. I really want to see Mountain High.” Mountain High? Ugh. Anything for Susan though. “Of course. There’s a showing at 8, I’ll meet you at your place, maybe we’ll walk down to the theater?” “That sounds perfect George. See you then!” *click* Score. I’ve got a date with Susan. Plus I get to walk her home! That almost guarantees that she invites me in. Aw yeah.

So I sit down, and I wait until 7:30, then I head out and get a cab. I tell them Susan’s address and we take off. Not halfway there we hit traffic. A dead stop. It’s 7:43. “What’s going on?” I ask, trying not to panic. “Apparently there’s a police shoot out up ahead” replies the cabbie somehow casually…”Well isn’t there some way around it? I’m in a hurry.” I say, thinking of Susan. “Look, we’re all in a hurry. Besides, there’s a mountain of cars in every direction.”                                                                          “You’ve Got To Get Me Over That Mountain!” I scream. Really panicking. “There’s nothing I can do!” shouts the cabbie. 7:48. “Sorry!” I yell as I open the door and bolt down the car filled street. I felt bad about stiffing him. But Susan. As I was running I heard gun fire in the distance. Suddenly the screeching of a police helicopter thundered overhead.  Before I knew it, I was at the shootout. Susan’s house was just on the other side, give or take a mile. 7:55. I can’t let her down. I duck under the ‘Do Not Cross’ line and enter the battlefield. Policemen and gang members firing at one another. They were jumping,shooting, diving in every direction. I could see the end of the war zone. People screaming filled the gaps in my thoughts. I had made it out, but I didn’t stop running until I reached Susan’s front door. Maybe she still wanted to go. There’s a 9:00 showing anyway. I know. She answers. “oh. George…” “Hi Susan! I’m sorry I’m late. You won’t believe what’s going on back there!” “Well you can tell me all about it on the walk to theater. You want to catch the 9:00 showing?” Wow. Susan is perfect. As we walk I tell her my story. She’s amazed. She thinks I’m a superhero.  Running through a hail of bullets just to get to her. We arrive at the theater, “I’ll pay for the tickets Susan, please.” She tries to protest but I insist as I reach for my wallet. I…I can’t find it! “Susan. I can’t find my wallet I don’t know where it is!” Susan looks at me in disgust. “How can I be with someone irresponsible?” Wow. Susan is mean. “One for Mountain High.” She says, turning and entering the theater without even looking back. Wow Susan.                                                                                                                      Without a wallet, I have no choice but to walk home. I begin the 3.5 mile trek. Not a mile in, a cab pulls up beside me. “Hey buddy!” calls a familiar voice. “Looking for this?” It’s the cabbie! He’s got my wallet! The cabbie lets out an evil laugh and speeds away.

My date with Susan would have been perfect.                                                                                    Aside from one fatal flaw. One lesson I had                                                                                      to learn the hard way. Never stiff a cabbie.


So there it is. Tell me what you thought. I’ve got 2 more and I won’t post them if you guys don’t say you’re interested. Thank you for reading.