In a truly disturbing act of domestic terrorism, a Springfield resident’s little brother examined an empty box of Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts, and upon discovering the lack of delicious treats, placed the barren box back inside the snack cupboard. Leaving it behind like a bomb of disappointment for the next unsuspecting person to open the cupboard.       

 “I thought we could trust him. I really did.” Said the owner of the stricken home, visibly shaken by the incident. Reports say that the owner had been thinking about those pop tarts since she woke up, and that it was her only reason for getting out of bed that day. “I came down the steps and could hardly wait to start my day with a 2 pack of those delicious Brown Sugar Cinnamon tarts.” But it wasn’t meant to be. For the dream of peeling off that shiny foil surrounding the pop tarts was dashed when it was found that the box was vacant. The pop tarts promised by the package were no where to be seen. 

Since the incident, one suspect has been arrested and charged with getting our hopes up and being lazy. It’s just another shocking example that disaster can strike anyone and anywhere. You could be next. Be careful out there.