Ah the ocean, a fantastic sight. A true wonder of our planet. Magnificent and beautiful.                                                                                                                                               But seriously. Screw the ocean.                                                                                                           95% of the Earth’s water is in the ocean. And it’s all undrinkable.                                       The ocean is 75% of our planet and only 5% of it is explored. We know more about Mars than our own planet. Seriously. That’s a fact. Not to mention it is scarier than anything any horror movie can make up. Why? Cause we have no idea what is in the ocean. It’s not all Nemo, Dory and Bubble Guppies out there in the deep deep blue. No it’s worse. Much worse. We don’t even know how much worse. Infinitely worse is all we can assume. There is room for literally anything in the ocean. It’s deepest point, the Marianas Trench is 10,994 meters deep. That is 6.8 miles. Nearly 7 miles deep. Just for reference, Mount Everest, as some of you know, the tallest mountain in the WORLD is only 5.5 miles tall. So, with this information, we can assume that it’s possible for an oceanic beast to be like  4 or 5 miles tall and we be totally unaware. I’m going to cry. Not only do our imaginations run wild and create terrifyingly sized aquatic monsters, science helps prove it to all be too real.

Have you ever heard of a scientific principle known as Abyssal Gigantism?  It is defined as the tendency for species of invertebrates and other deep sea dwelling animals to display a larger size than their shallow-water relatives. Do you understand that? Do you grasp the horror locked in those words? This principle? This means that the deeper you go, the bigger these animals get. You thought jellyfish, squids, sharks and other soggy predators were scary? They only get bigger. How big?  Who knows. Infinitely big is all we can assume. The largest squid ever recorded was 33 feet long. That’s roughly the size of a school  bus. And that’s just what we know about. The largest shark ever recorded was 20 feet long. And there some unconfirmed theories about the possibility of the 75 foot long hellfish Megalodon possibly being alive. That’s a 75 foot SHARK. A man eater. A crazy, fast, bloodthirsty aquatic animal the size of a semi truck. It’s not fair. And as far as things like the kraken, cthulu and other direct from Satan animals? Well. Did you know that experienced sailors never tell of their strange oceanic sightings because it will damage their reputation? Some Sailor could have french kissed a mermaid and almost all of them agree that they would not say anything because they’d be called a fraud or a psycho.

Even if you don’t get attacked by one of these over sized, vicious creatures, there are many many many things to be concerned about. Like being stranded at sea. Surrounded by water you can’t drink. For miles and miles. Left to drift along and pray the ocean currents don’t take you further into the endless blue. While the sun relentlessly beats down on you. Or maybe there’s a storm. And you’re left to battle 70 foot tidal waves in pouring rain, surrounded by lighting and booming thunder. Or maybe your crew gets lost at sea and you run out of food. So you have to eat your own crew members and friends just to survive. Pirates are still somewhat prominent and just as merciless. There’s also sea sickness and even Ocean Madness. Causing you to slowly lose your sanity as you can feel your grip on reality slipping away from you. Welcoming hallucinations and insanity.

But hey. At least we have Sea food.