As we travel further into the future, we have more information at our disposal and almost nothing catches us off guard anymore because there are tons of articles, announcements and news about everything months before it happens. Which is bad. Especially for entertainment. I mean, at least for quality entertainment.  If something is revealed a year in advance, that means people get excited a year in advance, which means people begin to think about it a year in advance. Which forms expectations a year in advance. Which means whenever it is finally released, this hype monster has created too many expectations to meet and just ends up disappointing a mass of fans who wanted something else. The most obvious victim of overhyping is the film industry.                                             Yes the film industry is hurting itself by announcing movies as soon as they begin filming, if not earlier. The new Star Wars, Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Civil War are just a few examples of pretty good movies that fell flat because they were expected to be more than perfect. Now, they still sold plenty of tickets because of how hyped they were, but they have no lasting value because most people do not see what it is, but rather what they thought it should have been. Whether it’s the source material or the tone or the mood or the dialogue or the cinematography, something is always off according to the audience. And they get real upset and now the movie has poor reviews.