“I really did just think it was open” says area man who, due to his shame, has elected to remain anonymous. Coming home from a late night activity last Friday, he found his family to be asleep and the lights in his home to be turned off. In an effort to be silent and not rouse anyone, he slowly crept up the steps and to his bedroom. Seeing only the faint silhouette of his surroundings, he relied on his keen senses and familiarity with his surroundings to guide him. He reached the top of the steps and turned to enter his room. From there he proceeded to headbutt his closed door and make some of the loudest noises possible. “It really freaking hurt” says the man. He let out an audible cry of shock and pain. Once he realized his foolish mistake he shamefully opened his bedroom door and entered his room, where he cried himself to sleep. Experts say “what a loser”.