I realize I’m a little late to the party here but no one seems to realize that the most recent installment of the beloved Star Wars franchise is the exact same thing as Episode 4: A New Hope. And here is why.


Warning: Contains Spoilers


1. Ben Kenobi = Han Solo

  • In ‘A New Hope’ Ben Kenobi is a father figure to Luke Skywalker, who never knew his parents. Han Solo in ‘The Force Awakens’ is a father figure to Ray who never knew her parents.
  • Both were defenseless when killed by the movie’s main villian with whom they both had a special connection with before the movie.
  • Both told the main hero (Ray/Luke) that jedi and the force were real. Not just legends.
  • Both were main heroes of the previous trilogy, but come to the new one as nostalgic expositional characters.

2. StarKiller = Death Star

  • Both are huge spheres that can take out entire planets in a single blow
  • One single unprotected weak spot on the surface
  • Blows up in space dogfight that the rebels narrowly win
  • Blows up moments before it is able to destroy another planet

3. Ray = Luke

  • Neither knew their parents
  • “The force is strong with this one”
  • Both are given Anakin Skywalker’s old lightsaber
  • Both have uncanny piloting skills
  • Both end up seeking out an old jedi master for training. (Luke/Yoda, Ray/Luke)
  • Neither knew Jedi or the force were real
  • Both find a droid with rebel information on it, get dragged into rebellion

4. Opening Scene is a Carbon Copy

  • Bad guys attack rebels in search of information
  • A single rebel hides the plans in an ‘r2’ droid and the droid escapes onto a desert planet
  • Rebel that hides the plans is captured (Po/Leia)
  • Main Bad guy shows up and demonstrates his strength as a jedi

5. Ray + Fin = Leia + Han

  • Girl is strong and independent and doesn’t need no man
  • Guys want no part of the rebellion at first
  • They dislike each other at first
  • Female is one with the force
  • Both make an escape from the bad guys on the Millenium Falcon


In conclusion, these films are basically the exact same things. It’s frustrating that the writers and director are given an entire universe of characters, weapons and stories, but can’t come up with anything new or dynamic. But whatever. The new film still made over 2 billion dollars worldwide so what do I know.